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-- keeps you up-to-date on new information and what others are doing to become more self sufficient.

---New methods and creative approaches to farm living.

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PVC Greenhouse

Look at my pvc greenhouse as I describe how I made it. If I can build one, anybody can!

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Green Business Ideas

Green Business Ideas for the new entrepreneur. Many of these jobs take place on the farm. Follow you passion, that's what I do.

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Herbal Medicine

Growing your own herbs is the best way to obtain ingredients for herbal medicine, since the effectiveness of most herbs is highest when the leaves are fresh. you can collect herbs in the wild,

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Legal Homeschooling

Learn the legal homeschooling laws in your state and get off to a good start homeschooling your children.

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Country Crafts and Skills

Homesteaders depended on country crafts and skills for comfort and enjoyment. Handicrafts were once part of every day living.

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Country Cooking Recipes

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. Many of the Country Cooking Recipes have been collected from my mother's kitchen. There's nothing better then tasteing down home country cooking.

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Flower Garden Ideas

Flower garden ideas and organic vegetable ideas for companion planting.

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Solar Panel Generator

solar panel generator,

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Raising Livestock

Raising Livestock provides meat, milk, eggs and heavy work too.

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Homesteading Your Home

Homesteading your home offers careful planning with a modest investment. Almost anyone can turn the dream of buying a small farm or a few acres of country land and building a home into a reality.

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