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August 09, 2011

Emergency Food Reserves

Greeting Everyone,

How important is it to have emergency food reserves in your household?

As I sit in my office writing, the rain is reviving life outside. We have been in a drought for two months and everything is dead. My cows have no food! I've been feeding them range cubes and hay. On the other hand, my goats are managing quite well in the drought.

So, I'm telling you this actual happenings for a purpose. I'm always worried about having enough feed to make it through the Winter months.

Then, I began wondering about all the families in America.

Just how many of us have enough food to last at a minium of one month?

It's scary to think what that survey would look like.

Emergency Food Kits Buy now and be prepared for tomorrow. Think of it as another insurance bill! You will be glad that you did. There is a waiting list on some products.

Now for the news:

A newly released article about my homestead is featured in Ozarks Farm and Neighbor. You might want to check it our . Itís call Love for the Land, Ozarks Farm and Neighbor written by Chantel McClung

Our Boer goats are delivering. We had our first single yesterday and 25 nannies to go. It will be a zoo around here for sure. Iíll post new pictures of the Kids, babies and livestock here Oak Springs Mountain Ranch Pictures

Is anyone looking for a Guardian dog? Sadie and Ranger, our guardian dogs are expecting! Puppies should be born around September 6th and they should be ready for their new homes by mid October. Great Pyrenees

Our hoop house is almost cleaned out and ready to be replanted. Hopefully, we can have fresh vegetables around the farm during fall and wintry months.

Projects and Research

Solutions for Science has a Solar Panel Generator that will power your refrigerator and most household functions for a very reasonable price. Letís face it, most of us donít have enough money to get totally off the grid. This could be one solution. Check out this video and let me know what you think.

Share Your Farm You can upload PICTURES with your article about your farm Visit: Farms R Us to submit your article

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