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September 06, 2014

Annual Food Calculator: Types of food and how much.

Hello Everyone,

This has been an amazing spring and summer with plenty of rain and sunshine creating life in abundance. I can remember a summer not to long ago that was desolate and nearly lifeless. This year, the wildlife and livestock are all fat and healthy while foraging and grazing the pastures and meadows. My cattle are doing great and I can see the pounds gaining on the calves. . I have plenty of hay and feed stored for winter which is a great feeling in itself.

I’ve had a time with my goats having an abundance of worms because of all the rain we have been having causing me to worm on a two week interval for a while. Boy, am I ever glad that job is over. I had 53 kids which I recently took off to auction and they brought a good price. I’m selling down my goat herd to a minimal this year and creating new pastures to begin my herd again. One hundred nannies is a lot of girls for one person and I think I deserve a break for a year. I have kept twenty and may sell ten of them. The deer, turkey and hogs are roaming all over the country getting their choice of foraging all over the country. You can definitely tell it’s not hunting season because they always seem to disappear at that time The squirrels are still busy gathering hickory nuts and preparing for the hard winter ahead.

Now, let me ask you….Are you ready for the winter months? Do you have a years supply of food?

Check out this Online food calculator to determine how much food your family should store in one year. "Annual Food Calculator"

Food for thought,

Steve Robinson

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