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April 13, 2013

Born-Again Dirt: Farming to the Glory of God

Greeting Everyone,

Well I finally finished Noah Sanders' new book

Born-Again Dirt: Farming to the Glory of God. It was not that the book was hard to read, quite the contrary it is a very easy read, but my time has been very short lately. That all said, it was a very good book and one I think that should be read by all. Not that everyone will be looking to farm but because Noah does a good job of showing how to take ones vocation and applying God's word to it. Far too often we speak of the sufficiency of scripture for all of life but Noah has taken that call to heart in his book and applied it to farming. Maybe there should be a series of these books that seek to look at many vocations and how they can be reclaimed for Christ.

Over the last year I have begun to see that having a Biblical agrarian view of life is helpful and also biblical. Much of scripture speaks in agrarian terms which lends itself to the task at hand for Noah, that of seeing what reclaiming farming for God's glory looks like. Seeking to take dominion for Christ is not just about claiming control over some aspect of life but is best accomplished when one seeks to apply God's word to every area of life and that includes ones vocation, be it farming or anything else.

As far as the topics covered here is a listing of the chapter titles which should give you a good idea of its contents:

1) Born Again Dirt 2) Laying a Biblical Foundation 3) Evaluating our Agriculture 4) The Born-Again Dirt Farm 5) The Role of a Christian Farmer 6) Principles of God's Design 7) Pattern's in God's Design 8) Growing Fruit for the Temple 9) The Ministry of Marketing 10) Agri-Lifestyle 11) Getting Started: Tips and Suggestions

Noah takes a look at every area of farm life and seeks to see what God's word says about it. Beginning with realizing that we do not own our farms, or for that matter anything, but God does and thus we are to see our place as a steward of God's possessions. This is a mindset we should have in all we do and not just in farming. Noah also deals with realization that, as with all of life, farming is not about us but about God and which should give us a different perspective about life and our vocation.

Again, this is a book everyone can take something away from. Even if what is taken away is a desire to take the same tact but with regards to a different vocation and look to say what God's word says about it. I would add that it is my opinion that God's word more easily lends itself to dealing with an agrarian life than many other vocations today simply because the Bible itself is decidedly agrarian in its content. However this should not dissuade one from attempting to formulate a "Born-Again" view for all of life including any vocation one takes part in.

Here is information about this new book from the back cover:

Do you desire to glorify God through the way you farm? Are you tired of reading books on farming and food production that ignore God as Creator? Have you ever wondered what agriculture would look like if it was based on the Bible instead of on evolution, Mother Nature, or the latest manipulations of life by science? ''In Born Again Dirt, Noah Sanders encourages Christian farmers to evaluate their farming methods in light of Scripture. This book looks at various Biblical principles related to agriculture and provides examples of practical application. Topics covered include:'-Designing farms as beautiful, fruitful homes. '-Honoring God's design in farm production'-Growing crops that honor the Lord'-Marketing as ministry'-The idolatry of modern agriculture'-Advantages of the farming lifestyle'-Starting a farm and making a living.''Without claiming to have all the answers, Born-Again Dirt: Farming to the Glory of God seeks to inspire you to develop a vision for God-glorifying agriculture . This book is a must read for any Christian who is a full time farmer, backyard gardener, or for anyone who desires a more Biblical view of agriculture.

You can purchase the book through Noah's Blog Redeeming the Dirt. Or, just click straight to Amazon I would also recommend reading some of his blog posts as well.

Above all make sure to purposefully and intentionally seek to redeem your vocation always making sure to do, as Noah Sanders has done, so by seeking God's word for direction.

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To you and your success,

Steve Robinson

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