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September 17, 2013

National Farm Animal Week Sept. 15-22

National farm animals week is a time to appreciate and recognize the importance of farming. Chickens, pigs, turkeys, cows, goats and other farm animals raised for meat, eggs and milk make up more than 95% of the animals in the United States with whom humans interact. Yet how much do we really know about them?

Farm animals are simply amazing and I enjoy each, their uniqueness and complexities. They are as capable of feeling pain and frustration, joy and excitement as those dogs and cats we welcome into our homes.

Just like those animals we consider to be our companions or those in the wild, these animals deserve our respect and compassion."

Take a trip to one of the many farms near you this weekend or make a small donation to help these non-profits take care of our beautiful creatures.

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To you and your success,

Steve Robinson

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