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March 06, 2012

Does Your Family Have A Homemade Survival Kit ?


How many city dwellers actually have an urban survival guide in place? What about us country folks? Do you have a homemade survival kit?

I get a little nervous when I think of having to survive a disaster by forces of nature or men. I’ve been pretty blessed so far, that’s something I’ve never experienced. But, many have experienced these disasters and there are also many who say “it won’t happen to me“!

So, I go about my daily chores feeding my livestock, building fence or what ever needs to be done around the farm. And like most people, I pray and hope that such an event doesn‘t occur.. You see, it’s even hard for me to say “disaster, crisis…so, I‘ll just say event”!

Anyhow, I grow my garden, gather the eggs, milk my cow PD (short for Princess Diane) butcher a calf every year and I make do.

I have a homemade survival kit and I can lots of food and keep my freezer full too, but is this enough to get me through such an event?

Damien, the author of Survive Anything explains what actions you should be taking right now...not tomorrow! Read more

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