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Self Sufficient Farm Living Today, Issue #001 -- teaser here
November 04, 2008

The advances society has made does not come with some setbacks. The big guys are thinking about quantity and money, after all, isn't that what makes the world go round? They are not thinking of society's health or the quality of meat they produce. This is the main reason I am promoting for small farmers across the world.

Scientifically fed animals is about quantity not quality. They are for fast growth, confinement of animals to restrain movement and conserve space. These animals simply do not have the flavor of ones that are on a varied pasture diet and do not get a chance to live a humane life even for a short time.

Animals that are fed growth stimulating hormones and medicated feed may have long term side effects that, I believe, are known. It is my belief that many scientist and executives, are aware of this, but it all boils down to economy and not health.

And think about how expensive things are in the grocery store. Isn't it time that we get back to supporting our small farmers? Is it possible that all of these growth hormones and medicated feed practices is causing many of the diseases that humans have today?

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