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Hi, my name is Steve  And, If you are looking for aquaponics systems, please keep reading.

Aquaponics, simply put, is an agriculture ecosystem where plants and animals co-habitat in a cultivated water environment.

For example, growing spinach, lettuce and prescribed fish species together, provides food for each other. That’s right! The plants absorb nutrients from the reservoir of water and the fish live in fresh filtered water and are fed by the plant life. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s a balancing act.

 I first became intrigued with aquaponics while teaching fifth grade science. My class and I would take three 2-liter plastic coke bottles and assemble them together forming a column with plant life on top and fish in the bottom.

It was a very simple experiment demonstrating how plant life and aquatics would make a self contained ecosystem and actually thrive! Each student would monitor, observe and record their ecosystems constants and variables daily.

I remember the students excitement when their guppies would begin having babies. That was their favorite part!… And mine too!

I began thinking about this system and wondering if this same process could be repeated on a much larger scale. And, If so, would it provide enough vegetables for the kitchen table?

Or, maybe, it holds huge potential to our agriculture industry!

After further research, I found out, that this is a new and evolutionary method of farming and there are actually Aquatic farms that have huge success. You can actually get a college degree in Aquaponics.

Now, back to us small farmers and gardeners.

Are you interested in learning about DIY aquaponics? 'Do it yourself" projects are fun and exciting. Warm and cold water fish such as perch, trout, cod, bass and tilapia have adapted to flourish in DIY aquaponics systems.

Aquaponics 4 You is definitely the way to start your small but bountiful garden.

John Fay, expert and creator of Aquaponics 4 You , shows step by step instructions of how to build, maintain and harvest the benefits of your very own aquaponics systems.

John Fay guides you through the process of building a great aquaponics system. Provide you and your family plenty of vegetables as well as personal relaxation and enjoyment.

In very little space, you can grow a huge amount of vegetables. Once the system is set up, it virtually runs itself, no work involved other than observation and adjustments. Definitely a must for the Aquaponics gardener.

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