Bulgaria farm; Life becomes One

by alf
(dralfa, bulgaria)

8 years ago I bought a run down house in Bulgaria with a view to becoming semi self sufficient. In the 70's there was a lot of interest in this. The good life. Not an option at the time. Bought John Seymour's book. The bible, and still have it. When still in UK there were more programmes, notably River Cottage. Have the first book.Worked for 5 years on a sheep and dairy farm in what's now Lancashire but used to be Yorkshire. Dad had 4 allotments. So took early retirement, came over here, found a place that felt like home, bought it and moved in. Now have half acre of gardens, fruit trees, rest down to grazing and hay for sheep, goats and poultry. No holidays but my life has become one!

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Aug 17, 2015
by: Adam

I've just done the same. Brought up in Lancashire, lived in S. Ireland for 13 years growing a lot of my food, plus fishing and shooting. Now living in Bulgaria, trying to get things up and running again. I got a house on half acre and grew quite a lot of veg considering I started lateish in the season due to working on my house. I got 5 hens but lost two to a stray dog after missing a hole in the fence! I've got 6 or so cubic metres of firewood stored already, a stack of reading material, games, films etc and am looking forward to my first winter here.

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