City to Country

by Misty
(Central NY, USA)

I moved onto a family member's country property back in late 2015 in order to tend to his animals while he is on the road ( drives tractor trailer for a living). We currently have around 40 hens ( Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Reds) who are brown egg layers and 1 rooster; I am currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 more roosters (1 Buff Orpington and 1 Easter egger). There's also 4 steers here ( 2 Dexter's Houdini and Shadow, 1 Black Angus Mouthy Buddy, and last but not least a White-faced Hereford Taco). There's also 3 indoor cats (Midnight, Rigby and Tyge) and 2 outside cats (Halloween and Sparta). We raise the chickens for eggs and the steers for meat. Right now, we are currently in the planning stage of a veggie garden and an herb garden.
We aren't totally self- sufficient but I'm hoping that with both the veggie and herb garden it will help us to becoming more self-sufficient.
We don't use any chemicals on the property not even a weed killer.
I don't know what else to post so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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