Many Country Crafts and Career Opportunities

Homesteaders depended on country crafts and skills for comfort and gratification.

Handicrafts were one time part of every day living.  People thought no more of making candles then we do today in turning on the television.  In colonial days, crafts were the survival skills of average men and women.

Today, many people are beginning to go back to the "good old days" for fun, for economy reasons, but most of all for the feeling of independence that comes when we make do for ourselves.  

My mother has been quilting for 40 years and still does today.  

All her children and grandchildren and many friends sleep with the comfort of her homemade quilts.

Crafts and Hobbies That Turn Into Careers

Wood Working Business Everything you need to know to start up your business. Gather up your material and start that wood shop.
Leather Crafting Business Discover everything you need to know about leather crafting.
Colonial Soap Making step by step instructions. Gather up your material and lets start making Colonial soap.
Candle Making time in early America was in the autumn. But you can do it anytime.
Quilt Making and easy baby quilt patterns are appreciated by family memebers. Go through your pretty material and decide what you will use to make your quilt.
Rug Hooking
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