Emergency Food Kits

Order Your Emergency Food Kits Now...and be prepared for any outages, disasters, riots or even a global breakdown.

The kits include all flavors and they taste good too.

More and more families in America are realizing how unsafe their families really are in this economy.

I really hate to sound all gloomy, but I really think we need to become more prepared for a disaster or black out just because there is a chance.

Or does society have you in such a trance that you can not see the possibly?

You do carry insurance don't you?

I just believe in being proactive!

Emergency Food Kits

are limited and on some products there is a waiting list.

I am a canner and spend most of my summer gardening and canning everything that I grow. I can corn, green beans, pickles, tomatoes, okra, peaches, apples and just about anything I can get my hands on.

Now, can foods will last for a few years if you keep them in a cool dark area. So, I feel relatively safe.

But there is a better way to preserve food and that's with liquid nitrogen which preserves food up to 25 years.

Now that's cool.

I'll be 75...wow, I guess they say I'm getting up in the years!

Just suppose we had a blackout for one month and there is no electricty. They couldn't pump gas at the station and everything would be pretty much on lockdown. Could you and your family survive?

I definitely would hope so.

That's the point I'm trying to make. I'm afraid there will be many of us that will go hungry. And, I hate to think of what could possibly happen.

What would your family do?

Do you have an electrical back up system? (Solar Panel Generator)


your kit now and don't be one of those that say!

If I only...

Don't wait til it's to late.

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