Goat farm in Tuscany

by Brent
(Tuscany Italy)

My Goats, Me and Cheese

My Goats, Me and Cheese

I love reading about everyone elses farm. I have 125 acres in the beautiful Tuscany region of central Italy. Most of the land is mountain pasture and woods at a height of about 1200-2200 ft above sea level. The land is about 50% open and 50% wooded. There are acres of chestnuts, 425 olive trees, hazelnut grooves, 90 trees in the apple orchard and about 100 grape vines. I also keep a large vegetable garden and the mountains are full of wild mushrooms in the spring and fall. My main farming activity is raising goats. I cut down my herd from 77 last year to 38 this year. I transform all the milk into cheese and sell directly here at the farm or a few farmers markets. I have a passion for the animals and the cheese making and if I could swing it I would keep 100 of them BUT that is just too much work for a two man show. I have a full time helper from Romania who is here at the farm with me from when the babies are born in mid February until we stop milking in late November then he goes home to his family for a well earned rest and I enjoy the quiet of winter alone on my little farm. I also raise rabbits for meat, 22 chickens for eggs, geese, turkey and sheep.

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Feb 06, 2024
Business inquiry
by: Waqas

Hello dear
I am Pakistan I love goats and I want to help you in your farm, if you need worker in your farm I am ready to come there and join your team it's my dream to do job in goat farm its my email ID is engrwaqas494@gmail.com

Feb 25, 2023
Helping hand
by: Peri

Hi Brett!
I'm hoping you see this. I'm currently in Italy after just visiting my family in Calabria and completing a cheese making course in Venice.
I would love to head out your way and get my hands dirty helping you on your farm.
You can contact me on pkalka21@gmail.com if interested. I would love to hear from you

Aug 08, 2022
For job in goat farm
by: Qasim

Dear sir I am from pskistan I love goat farm job I request you if you need worker in your farm I am ready to come there and join your team it's my dream to do job in goat farm its request my email ID is ranag1122@yahoo.com and my contact number is +923224349543

Mar 16, 2020
helping farm
by: marco magagna

Last spring march / april I was in Bolzano Italy and was a volunteer american football coach for the Bolzano Giants. Next spring I would like to volunteer to help in Goat Farming and have read about your farm and am interested in helping.
Marco Magagna

Jul 18, 2016
Learning About Goats
by: Amanda

Hi Brent!
My name is Amanda. I love your page and what your are doing in Tuscany. My husband and I are hoping to learn more about goat's and cheese operations and will be in Italy in September and October. We would love to come and see you and your farm! If you accept volunteers, would it be possible to help you out for a day and see how you make cheese? Our days in the Tuscan region are currently open but we are thinking end of September.

Thank you!

Jun 08, 2015
very interested in your goat farming op
by: Linda

Hi Brent, I too was wondering if you're American. I spend some time each year in Italy and have for the last few decades. Over the years you just never see any animals anymore. Used to be there'd be herds of goats or sheep on country roads but I haven't seen anything lately. Have Italians gone to CAFO operations? Sure hope not. Are there certain areas like Abruzzo or Marche where there's more ranching? The thought of being a rancher is so appealing, but I suppose you never get a day off, and I probably couldn't bear to ever sell an animal knowing it may be eaten. Oh well....glad to hear there's people like you out there living your dream!

Aug 11, 2014
Goat farmer
by: Leann

Hi, my name is Leann and I live in Fort Worth,Tx. I raise goats myself and hope to venture into cheese making in the future. I will be in your area Sept 23-26 and wanted to see if I could visit your farm. I would love to volunteer my labor for the hands on workings of cheese making for a few hrs. Just the experience and knowledge would be a great part of my trip. I love the quirky personality of goats and their sweet loving side. Please let me know if I could come for a visit one day. I would really enjoy it. Best Wishes, Leann O'Neal

May 24, 2011
Love to hear your story.
by: Francie

Hi Brent, Just came upon your page in Self Sufficient Farm Living. I was wondering if you are American and how you settled in Tuscany and when?

Just curious and impressed that you are living your dream. Love to hear about it.

I live in Oregon and have a small farmlet we call The Neighborhood Farmlet. I teach cooking and classes and have written a couple of cookbooks. We raise most of our food from the garden and have chickens for eggs and meat. My dream is to be self sufficient financially as well as physically on our farmlet. I also have a dream to live in Italy sometime.

So write back if you are inspired- as I was to write to you.

All the best, Francie


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