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You may wonder why I have a pvc greenhouse and is it beneficial. I'm here to tell you that having fresh vegetables year around is very empowering. And, when the weather is not cooperative, I can always go inside my "hoop house" and play in the soil.

Also, the cost of constructing a pvc greenhouse is very little compared to commerical size greenhouses. I grow more than enough vegetables for my family and am giving produce away even during the fall and early spring months.

The basic construction is cedar and pine lumber, PVC pipe (different diameters needed), 6 ml plastic and a shade cloth. I recommend you buy from Amazon. They will custom cut it for you. Here is the link to buy your 6ml film and covering for your pvc greenhouse through Amazon; I get a 6% commission and no extra expense to you the customer.  Helps keep this site running. 

Detailed instructions are given in "PVC Greenhouse" ebook below

With my new greenhouse, I now grow fresh vegetables up through December. Actually, it's February and I just picked fresh lettuce, spinach and radishes for a salad.! And we have eight inches of snow outside!

Update: It's now February 10,2012.   I still have my hoop house up and it is still in good shape. The 6 ml plastic holds up really well. I used cheaper plastic on the sides and have replace it since construction.

Update: It's now September 13, 2016 I have a huge rip in my 6 ml plastic film and I've ordered a new replacement. The old plastic has lasted four years. I won't take it down until my new arrives. I have young tender vegetables in hoop house and won't be ready until the end of October. That's when we usually get our first frost in my part of the country.

It is a lot of work, but it is truly rewarding to collect fresh tomatoes in the Winter months.

It is also nice to have someone helping you put up the hoops because they are long and a little difficult in handling by yourself.

It is always easier to have one person holding the material and the other to drill or hammer.

The most costly part of hoop house is the shade cloth. But, it is necessary during the hot summer days.

I usually take my shade cloth off around Labor day.

Now it's your turn to start your own greenhouse and grow those veggies.

I believe we live in a time of food revolution and we are tired of buying products of mass production and herbicide covered.

And, it really doesn't matter if you live in the country or city. You can construct this hoop house right in your backyard.

It can also be a family activity involving your children which gives great educational value and exercise. Plus, it is so rewarding and your children will realize they are doing something of value.

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