Raising Livestock

Animal Husbandry Books: Everyone who works with animals should possess two things, love for and knowledge of animals.

Dairy Cows: Halter broke to lead. Easy to mangage? That's what you need in a good milk cow. A dairy cow allows you to produce your own milk products. You can make fresh butter, cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurts and all of your very own dairy products. Just think how this will effect your grocery bill!

Raising Chickens: Every homestead farm has chickens around the place. Raising chickens and having fresh farm eggs everyday is a wonderful part of being a homesteader. Eggs which are full flavored, chemical free and meat that you have produced yourself?

Raising Hogs: Pigs love to free range, however they will rut up your pastures. So, develop a good quality fencing and a long range plan for success. They will eat just about anything too.

Raising Goats: You can also clear brush on your land by.

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How To Raise Turkeys Discover How YOU Can Learn the Right Way of Raising Turkeys Easily the First Time from Experience People Who Have Raised More Than 250,000 Turkeys and AVOID the Deadly and Costly Mistakes that first time turkey owners are vulnerable too!

Raising livestock is not an easy job. It is long hours, in all types of weather and is definitely a challenge at times. But life is great when all are fat and healthy and the pastures are green.

On our farm, we have beef cattle, one jersey milk heifer (will come fresh in the spring), boer goats, horses, and dogs. Oh, and one goose... we thought it was a she, and named it Lucy and found out later that it was a HE!

Below is a list of articles that I hope you find useful as well as entertaining. We all know it's important to be knowledgeable when it comes to raising livestock. You also must use your instinct, or as we call it around these parts...good ole common sense.

.How To Breed Rabbits For Meat, Profit And Fun. If Money is Tight and You Are Looking for a Great Way to Have Some Fun, Eat Healthier AND Make Some Extra Cash...

Raising rabbits from birth to the meat market. Here's a great place to start learning about rabbits.

Don't think for a moment that raising livestock is easy. It take time, patience and love to be a small farmer. I do realize that not everyone is cut out to be a farmer. But, in my opinion, the quality of life is something far superior then city life.

You can never skip a day of feeding or caring for your livestock on a farm. It may take only a few minutes a day, but you must be there for them or have someone cover for you if you can't be around.

Types of Grass: types of grass that is planted in your region of the country is also very important.

Making Hay: You must provide feed for the winter months by making hay in the summer months. This is always a past time, a little labor intense, long hours in the hot sun for some of us. I have a lot of help from my neighbors Joe and Jerry. They provide the equipment and I provide the hay meadow. We cut my hay meadow on shares and it works out great!

If you simply cannot take the time from your busy daily schedule in raising livestock, or you simply do not have the space, I urge you to contact your small farmers and see if you can buy from them.

There are ways that the small farmer can keep cost down by feeding discarded crops, growing specific crops from your livestock and letting them free range over good quality pastures.

Nonetheless, there is an abundance of rewards, not the least of which is the satisfaction of watching and caring over your cattle, horses and goats during cold winter days and knowing you have enough hay to last til spring.

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