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The Self Sufficient Blog is my mini-journal about self sufficent farm living. It...

-- keeps you up-to-date on new information and what others are doing to become more self sufficient.

---New methods and creative approaches to farm living.

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Old McDawda's Farm

We are not yet selling any of our products. We have land, buildings without corrugated roofing , we have a well, and we have sweat. Our animals so far

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Ledbetter Fsrms

We raise cattle and farm cotton and wheat.

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Self Sufficient Living

There is nothing like the feeling of self sufficient living. Why pay the high prices of today's economy when you can make or build it yourself.

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Legal Homeschooling

Learn the legal homeschooling laws in your state and get off to a good start homeschooling your children.

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Organic 10 HC Farm in Egypt

I am a bit confused of where to start from. my farm is a virgin land and planning to start anise and other organic hers in Egypt. Any new ideas about new

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