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The best selection of ***Amazon*** products for the shop country American Homesteader. Self Sufficient Farm Living is getting back to the basics as our ancestors once lived.

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Self sufficient living intentions are to provide practical, useful information and resources on just about every homestead skill and handicraft imaginable.

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There is nothing like the feeling of self sufficient living. Why pay the high prices of today's economy when you can make or build it yourself. Produce your own food, building your own homestead and maintain a frugal life. Here, you will find resources and information on many topics of living a self sustainable life.

The best manufacturers of types of solar panels are listed here at Amazon. Societies views and uses of energy are changing. Get on board!

Our goal is to help you to become more self sufficient, and will teach you how to take those skills and create your own home based business.

Homesteaders must have the know how about many things. Here's a good place to start:

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Also, Read my story. by signing up for my blog.. and when your finished, I encourage you to follow me around and help me build my farm, and of course, chores!

You can start homesteading your home on just a few acres and learn to become more self sufficient

Don't get me wrong, buying what we need is sometimes essential and convenient. Afterall, our society is based on the monetary system. But reaping the fruits of our labor is a reward in itself.

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