Urban dweller

by John
(South Western Pa.)

I am developing my humble home into a self sustaining urban homestead. I have only a small .10 acre parcel of land in which to develop a garden, solar power, wind power system, rainwater recovery system,and chicken coop. I will be starting this project in 2015, and will be continuing to improve on the idea of an urban homestead on a small lot. I would like to introduce people to the idea that you can be self reliant in an urban setting.

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Feb 18, 2016
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by: Lady Locust

You might enjoy/appreciate the book "Two Plant Geeks."

Nov 09, 2015
Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Hi John,

Good luck with your venture. I just started my search for my *forever home* lol as the pet people would say. I live Southern NJ but its not where I want to stay.

Once my child is out of High School, I would like to settle down in a community of like minded individuals. I would like to maybe own a mini goat and mini cow and maybe some chickens.

I am disabled though so wouldn't be able to fully take care of them myself which is why I am looking for a community setting where maybe I can bargain for maybe someone to help care for them in exchange for milk and eggs as I certainly dont eat that much and my understanding that a jersey mini cow produces 2 gallons a day!

So I have a lot to figure out still. Thinking of going a bit more north to get away from it all or everyone lol.

Maybe NY, Vermont, NH or ME.

Good Luck!

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