Do You Have An Urban Survival Guide or A Homemade Survival Kit

How many city dwellers actually has an urban survival guide in place? What about us country folks? Do you have a homemade survival kit?

I get a little nervous when I think of having to survive a disaster by forces of nature or men. I’ve been pretty blessed so far, that’s something I’ve never experienced. But, many have experienced these disasters and there are also many who say “it won’t happen to me“!

So, I go about my daily chores feeding my livestock, building fence or what ever needs to be done around the farm. And like most people, I pray and hope that such an event doesn‘t occur.. You see, it’s even hard for me to say “disaster, crisis…so, I‘ll just say event”!

Anyhow, I grow my garden, gather the eggs, milk my cow PD (short for Princess Diane) butcher a calf every year and I make do.

I have a homemade survival kit and I can lots of food and keep my freezer full too, but is this enough to get me through such an event?

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Like most of us, I’d like to know that my family and loved ones are safe in case such an event took place. I want to make sure that I’m as prepared as I can be.

What about you and your family? Do you have an urban survival guide? I’d personally feel better about the whole possible situation if others would take precaution for their families as well.

Survive Anything!!!

Let‘s face it, if your belly is full you won‘t be coming over to my place trying to get some of my food! That sounds a little selfish I know, but it‘s true.

There’s a lot on the web and World news about being prepared for a disaster and buying emergency food kits. Our government says you should have enough water, food and supplies for at least three days. Remember Katrina, I believe they were there longer than 3 days. That’s a situation I’d never want to face.

Let’s face it, gas prices are soaring through the roof and that means everything else will follow; There seems to be a water crisis of poisoning our water table or not just not enough. The cost of city water is expected to quadruple in 2035!

We are so darn busy making a living, in the normalcy phase or in plain denial, it just scares me!

All I ask is that everyone begin your awareness that “such and event” is a strong possibility and it could very well happen.

Now, you say, What can I do to be better prepared?

Damien Campbell, explains what you need to be doing right now so you’ll have an urban survival guide and take action now instead of waiting till it is to late and you wish you had.

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