HELP! : )

by teri callaway
(nashville, arkansas, usa), im a cityfied country girl...come back to the farm :). i have found myself back on the original 53 acres on which i was raised- where the pigs, horses and many other farm animals were a huge part of my earlier years...where i returned after my college years to raise my own children, and where raising my children and working as a public school teacher were part of my early middle years...where i have tried to 'escape' from ALL of my life...and yet, where my fondest memories have always resided and still reside...odd, huh? well, all i can say is that i am submitting to the will of the Lord...and have settled into the Faith that i have been so richly given...and of which i have relied upon all of my life...

to make a summary of it all...which i believe to be of value to us all at this point...the vision is that i am to turn this place into a sustainable farm...why? you ask. i dunno... i just we go...

we already have our home...that is a start...we already have a barn (albeit old and is still functionable) we make use of our wonderful well water (rural water is available to us should we need it), we have two live springs on our land and a run-off branch on the back of one part of our
land and a creek on the back of the other part...we still have the old smokehouse that my daddy built (now used for my home-made wine storage) and 53 +/- acres of undeveloped land...mix of hardwood and pine...

so, there you have husband and i wonder how in the world do we even begin to, after months of praying...we feel as if the Lord is leading us to put one foot forward...and go in the abundance of grace which He has afforded us...


3 horses (1 pony and two mares)
3 jersey cows (1 male; 2 female)
rabbits (dont know what kind)
chickens (dont know what kind)
nigerian goats(1 male, 3 female)
ducks (dont know what kind)
geese (dont know what kind)
vegetable garden (have already obtained heirloom seeds)
medicinal/herbal garden (have already obtained heirloom seeds)
building a pond...(do i need one or two...for each side of the road)
building a good ole pioneer barn to house all my animals

i need a plan sheet...from ground plans for farm... much should i expect to feed each animal i can get it all ready...everywhere tells me it depends...but i do need a starting point before i bring the new additions home...also...what type of fencing (do not want to use barb wire) : )

sound foot in front of the other ; )

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Jun 06, 2013
Good Luck
by: Cathy B

Good luck! Prayer and one foot in front of the other! Sounds like you are on your way!!

Feb 15, 2012
Good luck!
by: Jenny

We're kind of in the same boat. My husband and I just purchased ten acres in hopes of becoming a self sustaining farmette; also trying to figure out what all we need and what we want to raise.

Feb 14, 2012
your help is here
by: Taz Baby

if you need answers and are interested in living off grid, then join I am there and the people are wonderful. Any question you have they can help. They all are living or preparring to live off grid. I am also. Good luck.

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