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NEW: Aquaponics Systems is a NEW "evolutionary concept" of gardening that is sweeping the nation. It takes very little space and almost no work involved for a bountiful supply of vegetables.

NEW: Flower Garden Ideas and Organic vegetable garden ideas carried down for centuries by farmers and gardeners.

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Bread Baking: Nothing smells quite so good as the aroma of baking bread in the oven. Here you will find the basics of bread baking.

Bee equipment Here is a list of suggested materials for bee equipment Make sure you are prepared before you open your hive!

Beehives The history of Bee hives and description of the components. Who invented the beehive that we use today?

Beekeeping requires only minor attention and a small amount of feeding to carry them through the wintry weather.

Colonial soapmaking is an easy process once you have the necessary ingredients. From Colonial times to the present the traditional way to make lye has been to leach it from wood ashes.

Country Crafts for the homesteaders and skills for comfort and enjoyment. Handicrafts were once part of every day living.

Dairy cows were a nutritional necessity of the 20th century homestead, helping to fatten pigs and hens and feed the family Dairy cattle can perform the same functions today for modern homesteaders and first time farmers if the dairy cow is given the care and attention needed.

Farms R Us is a place where you can tell the world about your farm and share methods of self sufficient farm living.

Fence styles have evolved throughout the centuries into a panorama of varieties designed to suit specific needs.

Fresh farm eggs are great and depending on which breed of chickens you raise will determine on whether you have meat and fresh farm eggs.

By raising your own fruits and nuts, you gain freshness and a range of flavor that cannot be matched by store bought fruit.

Garden favorites provides the basic information needed to selct, grow, and harvest your favorite vegetables.

A listing of Great Resources that I hope will help my visitors find what they are looking for.

A do it yourself greenhouse is basically a giant cold frame designed to hold large numbers of plants, including ones of considerable size.

If you are experiencing headaches, nervousness, or depression, try these natural cures.

Growing your own herbs is the best way to obtain ingredients for herbal medicine, since the effectiveness of most herbs is highest when the leaves are fresh. you can collect herbs in the wild.

All about making homemade beverages from old fashioned lemonade to making your own beer and wine.

Get Legal Homeschooling Laws Are you new to homeschool education or homeschooling online? There are many pros and cons of homeschooling!

With careful planning and a modest investment almost anyone can turn the dream of homesteading your home, buying a small farm or a few acres of country land and building a home into a reality.

Management of you hay field and making hay is much like managing your own ecosystem. It is important to keep various plant species in your hay meadow.

One of the easiest ways to use natural pest control in your garden is to protect and encourage such natural allies as birds, toads, spiders, nonpoisonous snakes that feed on other insects.

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A survey of ways to preserve produce, fruits, and vegetables.

Pressure canning has been one of the most popular methods of preserving food since 1809, when the technique was first developed by the Frenchman Nicolas Appert.

Quilt making amd easy baby quilt patterns in America dates back to colonial times in New England. Fabric was hard to come by and the women stitched together whatever bits and scraps were at hand to make a quilt.

Raising goats is an enjoyable and profitable adventure. Goats are easy to handle, excellent at foraging and gives moderate levels of milk.

By raising hogs , you provide all the pork a family needs for the year. .

Raising Livestock provides meat, milk, eggs and heavy work too.

The energy joyride came to a sudden stop in 1973 and again in today's economy. Renewable Energy is making the best of the crisis.

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Shop country has information and items for the self sufficient family.

People have been trying to capture Solar energy and use this reservoir of energy since the dawn of history.

Here, you will find a brief summary of the major types of grass that is used for pasture land and hay purposes. Some type of grass will also make excellent sod for your yard.

Raising you own vegetable garden shows you how to keep your land healthy while reaping bumper crops each year. This is a doable practice for any family and will save lots of money from the grocery store.

The use of waterwheels to free human beings from heavy labor is almost as ancient as the use of draft animals.

Windpower has been used for hundreds of years to pump water and grind grain.

Like the sun, wood burning stoves radiate heat directly onto the human body.

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